We're moving back into the studio!!

Some classes are making their way back into the studio!! 

This will likely be a gradual move. Any classes that specify OUTDOORS are outdoors, other classes that do not specify will be in studio.

Studio classes will have smaller numbers than pre-covid 19 as per current regulations.

More classes will be added to the timetable as required, this will be a gradual build.

A limit on the number of intro passes will be in place as we welcome back previous students who were unable to attend outdoors and as our capacity is smaller than usual. 

We will be adding Flow together Grow together our 8 week beginners vinyasa course very soon. Get in contact to be put on the list.

Flow together Grow together allows students to learn the basics of a vinyasa class over an 8 week period. 

Taking your practice at your own pace with a  small group so that you get specialized attention.

Each week brings a new focus.

Learn about asana (poses), pranayama (breath) and bandha (locks).

Each class is followed by an open discussion over a herbal tea.


Move at a steady pace through flow. Expect to be challenged.

Some level of experience and knowledge of basic poses and alignment is advised.

Build heat and strength in the body with a flowing vinyasa sequence.

yoga sculpt

If you're after a strong practice and love the pace of a power vinyasa class but you also love your weight training this is the class for you.

Yoga Sculpt incorporates yoga poses with weights and hiit. feel the burn by activating the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers in this intense yoga workout.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga was designed for mums to be.
This super slow paced class is great a great option for when you just want to move your body and keep your bub safe!
These classes will offer short gentle flows, stretches for typical problem areas during pregnancy , breath work  and mindfulness techniques with other soon to be mums.
No experience necessary.

Perfect for beginners, those with injuries or those who want to get their alignment just right in a vinyasa practice.

Taking your practice at your own pace with a small group.

Each week brings a new focus.

Learn about asana (poses), pranayama (breath) and bandha (locks).

mindfulness and meditation

Bring calmness and relaxation to your life as we explore different mindfulness and meditation techniques and strategies. Learn to let go of the past, wait for the future and be in the present moment.

With a regular mindfulness practice people many people find that they are better equipped to mange stressful situations, reduce anxiety, increase self-awareness, improve sleep & experience happiness.

Yin Yoga

Slow down and unwind in a juicy yin practice. Yin yoga is a slow mat based practice that targets our deep connective tissue, ligaments and joints. In this practice we come to the point of first sensation and simmer in each pose for 3-5 minutes.  A great class for increasing flexibility and strengthening joints.

Mindful Restorative Yoga

Mindful Restorative Yoga gives you the best of both mindfulness and restorative yoga.
This super slow paced class is great a great option no matter your age, weight, flexibility, if you're injured or pregnant. Everyone is welcome!
These classes will stretch out tight muscles while offering you the chance to find yourself in the present moment through mindfulness techniques.
A great class for those who are new to mindfulness and or yoga.







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