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Why shouldn't I eat before a yoga class?

You may have heard it before, you may not have, but there's one hard and fast rule when it comes to yoga. DON'T EAT BEFORE CLASS!!

I can't stress this enough! I specifically remember the class and the time that someone told me not to eat before class and it changed everything about my practice from that moment on.

Eating before a yoga class will more than likely leave you feeling sluggish, nauseated, bloated and uncomfortable. Why? might you ask? Because we do a lot of twisting, bending and jumping. We're shaking things up, squeezing, tipping abdominal contents all over the joint and it's going to make things uncomfortable and perhaps noisy.

Ever had a grumbly tummy during yoga and not understood why? 'Oh but I just ate' uh oh, we've found the reason.

So what can I eat and when can I eat?

Foods to avoid before class: fried/greasy foods, anything with a lot of garlic and smoothies. Wait, what? No smoothies? Not before class, they can take a lot of digestive energy and are best left for after class when you're not moving around so much.

A lot of our yoga classes are during lunch breaks and after dinner time so it's unreasonable to say DON'T EAT ANYTHING. So the general rule for the most comfy of tummies is to keep it to just water for 1-2 hours before coming to class. If that's not possible try some fruit, nuts or a high fiber protein bar that's low in sugar. Try to limit it to just a few bites before class then fill up once your class is over.

See you on the mat soon,

Katie xx

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