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Go with your gut

I was recently diagnosed with SIBO, an inflammatory gut condition that can cause all sorts of things, for me it's an increase in histamine, allergic reactions, migraines, bloating, anxiety, low moods and horrible menstrual symptoms, probably other things that I've suffered from for years that I've assumed we're just "my normal". I've suffered from all of the above for as long as I can remember, the allergic reactions started about 5 years ago and have since gradually gotten worse. Over summer they became a daily occurance until I'd had enough of the reactions, antihistamines and steroids keeping me from having an anaphylactic reaction.

I went to see a functional medicine team and after testing I was diagnosed with SIBO. While at times it's felt like a jail sentence the treatment is working so well. I can't remember the last time I had a migraine or allergic reaction that required an antihistamine, my energy levels have increased and generally my moods have been a lot better, I haven't had an anxiety attack in a while either. That being said, the treatment kinda sucks.

My treatment plan has included a GI binder which at times has sent my gut into a flurry, an antimicrobial and a SIBO biphasic low fodmap diet. While the binder and antimicrobial have been no picnic it's the diet that has been so limiting and has sent me over the edge at times. Prior to treatment I was pretty much a dairy free vegetarian with the occasional meat consumption as a treat or when I needed the additional warmth for another condition I have called reynauds. The SIBO biphasic low fodmap diet has had me eating animal products twice a day simply because the vegetation choices are so limited, I'm also not allowed any legumes, and until recently zero grains, now I'm allowed white basmati or jasmine rice but only 1/2 a cup (cooked) per meal.

So I'll be posting some recipes here from time to time that I've put together that have been a godsend to me and that might help you if you're in the same gutsy boat.

If you've experienced chronic conditions with little or no relief, or feel like you've hit a dead end with your medical team, functional medicine might be a good starting point to living a healthy life.

I am in no way giving you medical advice or advising you to stop your current treatment, simply offering you another avenue that may be useful to you in a way that it has for me.

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