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Straps, blocks, mats what's the difference?

You might be wondering what you need to bring with you to class. Most studios have equipment you can borrow or hire, but you might prefer to bring your own. So what do you need?

Yoga Mats No matter what class you're coming to, you'll definitely use a yoga mat. We have a few mats available for you to borrow but if you'd like your own mat and don't know where to start here's a few things to consider: * Price - now yoga mats can be purchased for as little as $5 from Kmart or skyrocket up into the hundreds. Generally price is usually a good reflection of quality but not always. My advice is to consider how often you will use your mat and whether it's worth the investment in a good quality mat or you're just mucking around testing the waters in which case a $5 mat might be what you're looking for. * Material - you can find yoga mats made out of almost anything nowadays, my travel mat is made from recycled plastic bottles! You can find mats made from plastic, rubber latex, cork, recycled plastic bottles, foam etc. The material is actually quite important when it comes to practising, if you're a sweaty betty, intending on attending vinyasa or sculpt classes then get something with a good grip that's not too slippery, this is where the cork and recycled plastic bottle mats are great, the recycled plastic bottle mats have a surface that's similar to suede or microfiber and they soak up sweat like they're your own personal towel boy. Some can even go in the washing machine! The thick foam mats are great for practising headstands but they'll get away from you in a vinyasa class and you might find yourself slipping. The latex ones I'm sure are great, but I steer clear of them personally as I have a latex allergy. The plastic ones are usually not too bad for grip but can become a slipping hazzard if you start to sweat. Then there's the mat and towel combos, now these are a game changer! I could go on and on about different mats, but I won't. I love my mat, you can find my mat here (I got the travel version because I'm on the go so frequently and I needed to fit it in my suitcase when I did my teacher training, next time I buy one I'll go for the combo).

Towels A mat towel is just about your best friend in a sweaty vinyasa or sculpt class, microfiber towels mop up sweat and come in many different sizes, the little microfiber hand towels are great for forehead and neck mopping, the full sized mat towels are great because you don't need to mop up your mat to prevent slipping but I'm lazy so I like my mat towel combo, this way I don't have to touch any rubber and my sweat gets mopped up. You can get bring a regular hand towel, it doesn't need to be anything fancy, just make sure you've got a towel of sorts with you for vinyasa and sculpt if you get sweaty. Blocks Blocks are so underused in yoga, well not in our classes! I love a good block use in class. We supply blocks in our classes so you don't need to bring any with you but if you'd like to buy some read on. Blocks also come in different materials, you can get cheap ones and then you can get more expensive ones, there's light foam blocks, heavier wood, bamboo, cork blocks and even handstand blocks. I told you, different sizes and materials! We use cork blocks at Yoga Kala partly because they're heavier than foam so its easier to feel grounded in certain poses and they just feel nicer to me. Foam blocks are great too, they're light and some are squishy so they're nice for padding, wood and bamboo blocks are also heavier than foam, they're the most solid and probably the hardest surface, personally I find them to be a little too hard which is why we use cork blocks, they're right in the middle.

Straps Yoga straps come in a variety of materials with a variety of fasteners, there's cotton, synthetic, D ring closures, buckles etc. Again, there are different prices for different types.

You can get yourself a foam yoga block and synthetic strap at Kmart for less than $10 if it's something you want to have at home, if you're looking to invest in good quality have a chat to us or follow one of the links above for my suggestions.

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