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Toxic Positivity

I saw this post on @shutupandyoga this morning and it's something I very much resonate with! For a long time I felt the pressure to only deliver sunshine and rainbows, pretending that the bad days didn't happen because "good vibes only". This thinking lead me to believe that there was something wrong with me if no was struggling or if I had a bad moment or a bad day and that I wasn't a real yogi. Fuck that! Here I go again swearing in every post this week 😬🤷‍♀️ it's me, take it or leave it 😜. The more I get to know myself the more ok I am with all of me, bad moods and bad days happen and yes sometimes it's not appropriate to share but if my crap day or crap experience can reach just one person who is struggling and help them to realise that we DO NOT need to be perfect! We don't even need to be good! We just need to be our true selves! This is probably the reason why I love @alice_v_williams and her book Bad Yogi so much! The permission to be yourself and love yourself for who you are is inside you RIGHT NOW! So stop being so hard on yourself! You deserve so much more ❤



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