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Single class pass


Single class only

Billed once only

  • If you just want to try out a class or practice occasionally this pass is for you.

  • If you want to experience the full benefits of yoga a regular practice is reccommended

10 Class Pass


Save $30 by investing in 10 classes

Billed once only. Valid for 3 months

  • Try any 10 yoga or meditation classes

  • share with those who live in the same household

30 Class Pass


$15.90 per class. Designed to be shared

Billed once only. Valid for 4 months

  • Try any 10 yoga or meditation classes

  • Share with those who live in the same household

Terms and conditions:

Annual membership will recur for 52 weeks/26 fortnights/12 months then until cancelled. 30 days notice must be given in writing to cancel annual memberships once the 12 month period has passed. Unlimited Monthly memberships will recur until cancelled. Annual membership for 2 can be used by two people who reside within the same address, these must be the same two people for the duration of the membership. Memberships can be suspended for a period of up to 12 weeks per year, 3 suspensions allowed per year, a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 12 weeks suspension allowed. A $5 admin fee applies per billing period that the membership is suspended for, 14 days notice must be given in writing for all membership suspensions to with dates for suspension. Free private yoga session must be booked within one month of your birthday. Private sessions must be booked in during allocated hours, private bookings will not be taken during times that group classes are on the timetable. Private sessions out of allocated hours must be discussed with Katie and will take place at the student's home/choice of venue and must be within a 15km radius of Yoga Kala, these will not take place at Yoga Kala.

Price per class takes all classes on the timetable into consideration. Some membership options offer 'Bring a friend for free', here's how it works.1. Your friend must never have practised at Yoga Kala before 2. Ask your friend to fill in our New student form and book in for a class using the promo code 3. If you or your friend have any questions, are injured or pregnant please email or call Katie as soon as possible. 4. Ask Katie to allocate your friend an available spot in the class of interest 5. You and your friend show up to class and become yoga buddies. Class pass packs come in 10 or 30 packs and are designed to be shared by families. Family members must reside within the same address.

Sorry no refunds.