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Everybody that does online classes loves online classes because you can do them in your pjs, you can do them at 2am, on weekends, you don't have to rush, you will never be late and you'll never have to go on a waiting list.

This is a place where you can choose your own adventure, feel like restorative at 6am, go for it!

Feel like vinyasa at 3pm why not? You're in complete control of what you practice and when.

Why not take this opportunity to try classes you've never tried because of difficulty with schedules or you just love the classes you always go to and can't get to any more classes.

If you're worried you wont be disciplined enough to practice at home, a great way to stay on track is to make appointments with yourself as if you were coming into the studio, pop a little reminder in your calendar or join up with a friend and do classes at the same time.

Members and those who join up to our online platform will need to create a log in and password and be granted access.

Make sure you've added to your address book so the emails don't go to your spam/junk mail. I promise we won't bombard you.

Get 1 year of online membership for just $220


Have you already purchased a pass or membership?

So you've just purchased your membership or class pass and are wondering why you're back on this page?

While you wait, why not add to your address book/safe list so that you don't miss out on any important emails.

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