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Summer Yoga Challenge 

Challenge or treat yourself to a daily yoga practice this Summer!

SYC online only now $97 was $273

get SYC online + unlimited face to face classes at yoga kala outdoor and studio (when permitted) for $297

Already signed up? click here to find out what to do next

What is it?

The Summer Yoga Challenge is the perfect way to keep the energy levels high and the stress levels low over the summer season! 

Can't get to the studio this Summer or can't get enough of us?
The Summer Yoga Challenge was designed with the you in mind. I'm talking busy people with no sitters, busy people who want to be and feel better but don't have the time to find someone to look after the family, busy people that feel guilty about going to classes every week, or those that don't have the confidence to join a group class, busy people who are going away for the holidays and won't be able to get into the studio or those yogis who beg me for more classes every single day of the week!
Let me address these problems for you with a simple solution over the Summer. With the Summer Yoga Challenge you'll have video classes at your fingertips wherever you have the internet, take me with you to Uncle Steve's cabin by the river, to the snowy ski chalet in Switzerland, to Grandma's deck while the kids run a muck, wherever you call home this Summer!

We're offering you two options:

1. Online + face to face classes for the duration of Summer getting the online challenge for free saving you a whopping $271

2. Online only where you still get daily yoga classes online and full access to the program but without face to face classes

There's more than just yoga classes, you'll get access to our private facebook group, a workbook full of self love activities, journal space and lots more. It's your hot ticket to feeling your best this Summer!
Registration is now open, hit the link and sign up for less than a daily cup of coffee

My challenge to you:

Practice yoga every day during Summer.

When does it start?

The Challenge starts on December first and runs through until the last day in February

How do I get involved?

Sign up to the challenge by hitting buy now. At only $3.3 per day it's the best investment you'll make for yourself! The Challenge requires an investment of of $97 which gives you a unlimited access to our Summer Yoga Challenge online classes for the entire 3 months of Summer or $297 for the above + unlimited face to face classes run by Yoga Kala in Maddingley

Take as many classes as you can over summer.

Record your attendance in your workbook.

Have a happy and healthy Summer

Things you'll need:

The Workbook (you'll receive access to this on December 1st)

A yoga mat
Comfortable clothing
1-2 yoga blocks
A yoga strap

A yoga bolster or a big comfy cushion
Somewhere to practice
A device to watch/listen to your classes  


If you've ever wanted to start a daily yoga practice or get into the habit of a daily physical activity you've come to the right place at the right time!

Please consult your doctor before undertaking any physical activity. If you are injured, pregnant or have recently had surgery please consult your doctor and ensure that you listen to your body at all times, rest when you need to, modify when you need to.

I'm so excited that you're joining me on this journey together! We'll kick off on December 1st but don't worry if you've come to us after that date, you can still join us!

See you on the mat soon!

<3 Katie

signedup SYC

Signed up, now what?

Once you've signed up hit the login button at the top of the page or right here and sign up for an account if you don't already have one on our website.

Once we've received payment and you've created a login our team will grant you access within 24 hours. Then you'll be able to log straight in and have access to the course from December 1st right through Summer.

If you have any questions or have purchased this as a gift please email

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