Week 3

Welcome to week 3!! How's it all going so far? By now you're probably either in one of two headspaces 'this is great, every day is great, I love life!' or 'oh crap, is it week 3 already? I better catch up' wherever you're at, take a breath and pat yourself on the back for the progress you've made, no matter how small! It's a busy time of the year so don't freak out if you miss a practice here or there! You have my permission to breathe and take rest days when you need them! Think of rest days as the Child's pose of the summer yoga challenge, take as many as you need whenever you need them. Don't cheat yourself, but don't beat yourself up for taking them, enjoy them!

Here are your activities and videos for the Week. 

Don't forget to check in to the Facebook group with any questions, your wins, if you're struggling with anything or to just drop by and say hi!


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