Week 5

Welcome to week 5!!

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and are starting to feel great again after some Christmas indulgence or maybe you're feeling a bit heavy and lacking the energy you'd like to have. However you're feeling, I'm here for you, we've all been there! Maybe you skipped a few days and are feeling a bit guilty, if that's the case just dust yourself off and start fresh. This week we enter a new year, a new chance to start fresh and really treat your ,mind and body to some amazing self care. Wherever you are, whether you're at home, on holidays or visiting family, if you're time poor, tired or are roaring and ready to take on a challenge there's something for everyone this week. 

Here are your activities and videos for the Week. 

Don't forget to check in to the Facebook group with any questions, your wins, if you're struggling with anything or to just drop by and say hi!