Colour options rose pink, botanical sage print and sage green
Colour options rose pink, botanical sage print and sage green

Colour options rose pink, botanical sage print and sage green



yoga mat 


• Non-slip microfiber suede
• Printed layer removes the need for a mat towel
• Perfect for yoga, vinyasa, bikram, hot yoga, ashtanga, pilates.
• Free yoga mat strap valued $14.99

Designed in Maddingley Australia

by Katie Beech


• Size: 183cm x 68cm

• Thickness: 6mm

• Materials: Microfiber Suede + TPE

The Yoga Kala Yoga Mat is not only beautiful to look at, it's a dream to practice on!

I, Katie Beech designed this mat myself! You know when a yoga practitioner of almost 20 years with a latex allergy designs a mat it's not only going to be great to practice on it's going to be gentle on your skin!


The mat features a beautiful design inspired by Turkish rugs in our Yoga Kala colours on a microfiber suede top making it soft to touch and non slip. By non-slip we actually mean non-slip, not just grippy, the more sweat you drip onto your mat the more stable your mat becomes, pretty cool right?


The base is made from TPE, which is free from latex, phthalates (the chemicals added to make yoga mats more grippy), PVC, and all other toxins. Not only is TPE great for sensitive skin, it's eco friendly! The manufacturing process to make TPE mats use a lot less energy than others and TPE is biodegradable making it an environmentally conscious choice.

TPE mats are easy to clean and antimicrobial meaning they're not going to suck in bacteria. They also don't have any smell like mats that contain rubber or phthalates which some people find off-putting, distracting or just plain gross.


With a luxurious 6mm of lightweight mat underfoot not only will you be supported but because of the amazing TPE base you'll be super stable! I really did consider everything when I designed this mat, I didn't just want it to look pretty, I wanted it to function so well that you'd fall in love with it from the first time you set foot on it.

** These are for pick up from Yoga Kala in Maddingley or local delivery to Moorabool Shire residents.

If you reside outside of regional Victoria and are unable to pick up your order and would like to arrange delivery, please contact Katie at yogakalaau@gmail.com or 0433297604